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    I just purchased a Palm Centro.

    Previously, I was using a Palm TX. I have large address books, date books, to do lists, etc that I would like to transfer from the Palm TX to my Centro.

    I connected the Centro to my PC and attempted a Hotsync on my PC with Palm Desktop 6.2.1. When I do that, the Centro tries to download all sorts of programs from my TX, causing crashes and instability. I had to do a system reset to get my Centro working again. Is there any way I can transfer my address books, date books, to do lists, etc without transferring any of the old applications or their data?

    I tried unchecking everything but date book, address book, to do list, and memo pad under Applications in Hotsync Manager 7.0.1, but the Centro still tries to sync everything on the first sync attempt.

    Thanks, Ken
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    Find the backup folder and rename it before you hotsync. That will prevent the computer from downloading all of your old tx programs onto the centro.

    (Do a search on these forums for clean install for more details)
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    Thank you very much.

    They really should make that info a sticky somewhere.
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    The way I "upgraded" from my 700p to the Centro was to install the new Hotsync software to my computer, sync my 700p to the new software using it's original ID, sync the Centro creating a new ID, then while in the Palm Desktop I exported the info in the 700p's PIM apps to the My Documents folder of my computer, then imported the info to the PIM apps of the Centro, sync'd the Centro and bang it's all there, all correct.

    Hope this helps.
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    Install the Centro Desktop, assign the Cento a new Hotsync ID and import the PIM data from one ID to the other using Palm Desktop.
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    i've also moved from the TX to the Centro, but i have a different problem. i haven't been able to hotsync the TX for months due to a problem related to palmusbd.sys (the USB driver). i've tried all sorts of solutions (including uninstalls and reinstalls of the TX Palm Desktop software), but nothing has worked.

    i've had the centro for a few weeks and love it, but haven't been able to transfer my Datebk 6 records to the centro. as a result, i'm carrying around the Centro and the TX, which kinda defeats the purpose of getting the TX! (i have also held off on installing the centro software on my PC, hoping to solve the TX's problems first.)

    since i use Resco Backup on the TX, it has occurred to me that i could back up the TX to my memory card, copy the contents of the card to my PC, copy those contents to the centro's microSD card, and then use Resco to move the Datebk-relevant files to the centro. i'm worried, though, that my plan would mess up the centro in some way. on the other hand, i am really, really tired of carrying around the TX......

    any suggestions?
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    Call Palm to be sure. It sounds right but I'm no expert and people warn against copying programs over to the Centro. I have a similar problem I've put off until I find a cheap, fast SD card for the Centro. I have the LifeDrive and only recently stopped carrying both. I have current info on the Centro but would like to copy the data off the LD. I lost all the data once on the LD during a sync so I've been reluctant to attempt to copy it to the Centro.
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    I just beamed the contacts from my TX to my Centro via IRDA . No need to sync anything =)
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    Yeah the best way is to beam your entire contacts via the Contacts app... same with calendar and tasks items
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    So are you guys saying they sync via IR, I mean how does it handle modified or duplicate data?
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    i guess duplicated and modified data would be listed twice. not such a problem at the moment for me, because i have virtually nothing in the centro's calendar, and not that many contacts.

    i have beamed a few programs and individual documents from the TX to the centro, which worked fine. since i use Datebk 6 (a third party app), i'm a little hesitant to just start beaming - maybe i'll check the developer's website to see if there are any suggestions.
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    tried the beaming last night, and it worked!

    had to do a bit of trial and error in figuring out which databases to beam from the TX to the centro. i ran filez on both simultaneously - a couple of times i made a change in datebk on the TX to figure out which database was affected so that i could transfer it over to the Centro.

    the beaming caused the contact lists from the TX and the centro to combine on the latter without a problem; same happened with the memos and tasks.

    and then i tried to hotsync the centro...and my pc crashed with the palmusbd.sys message! i'll eventually solve that problem - but at least for now i'm running datebk 6 on the Centro without a problem, and don't have to carry around the TX any more. (resco backup backs up the files on the Centro to my micro SD card every few hours - but if i lose the phone before i solve the hotsync problem, i'm screwed......)

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