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    For a while now, everytime I try to go to my bank's website, it says 'communication error. this page download could not be completed, please try again later.' It's been this way for weeks. I don't do much banking over the phone, so I didn't think much of it. The rest of my websites work fine.

    Today I tried to get into Yahoo. I was using it successfully for a while, then all the sudden when I put in my username and password, I get this same communciation error. It doesn't even seem to try and send the info, it just goes right to this error. And I can still get on all the other websites, except the bank.

    I tried a soft reset. Should I do a hard one?

    I haven't installed anything lately, I can't think of anything that's changed.
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    I did a hard reset and before I put the data back on my phone, I tried to go to those two sites, and they didn't work even after the hard reset. All other sites are working. What does this mean?

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