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    Is it possible to read and type chinese on the Treo 680?

    I'm looking for something native in the Palm OS if possible, something like regional settings of a windows xp computer.

    Thanks in advance
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    You need to install CJKOS.
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    Yep. Do a Google search for CJKOS. It's basically the only way (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $to$ $get$ $Chinese$ $Support$ $on$ $the$ $Palm$. $It$ $does$ $have$ $a$ $number$ $of$ $quirks$ ($no$ $Unicode$ $support$. $It$'$s$ $all$ $GB2312$ $or$ $Big5$, $basically$), $but$ $it$ $works$, $and$ $works$ $well$ $for$ $the$ $most$ $part$ .

    It does cost money though, and can take up a bit of room. It also ****s up your ability to use any other European language that uses diatrical marks (accents, graves, umlauts, etc).

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