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    For the last few nights; my phone just shuts off on its own and turns back on 30 seconds alter; not the Treo but the phone part (where you have to hold the red button to turn it on/off). Does anyone have any clue about this? Sometimes I have to put the phone on the charger to get it to turn the phone back on. I have had at least 75% battery or more.
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    do you have poor signal?
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    not at all; it did it again yesterday about 8p; i heard the little song when the phone turned off and about 30 seconds later i heard the song and it power the phone back on
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    within the last 3 weeks i've had that happen to me 3 or 4 times - and my 755p has been perfect since it came out - i think it is on sprint's server side that is doing something to reboot the phone part

    it hasn't happened to me in the last week - my phone seems normal now - in my experience, everytime my phone does wacky things like can't connect to email, sprint tv doesn't work etc, it has "always" been on sprint's side

    this my sound strange to some, but i'm glad my phone is solid and the problems that happen from time to time is sprint's fault and not my phone that is dying
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    I have done a hard reset too; and it still happens; I thought maybe it was some software I had installed; do you think I should call customer service?

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