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    VM is very sketchy.

    I could not get EAS or Gmail IMAP to work with VM on my 755p EVER. It would always report invalid password no matter what, requiring password re-entry every single sync. So it's not really a Centro specific problem so much as a VM problem. Also, other people got the same account types to work on their phones (same model).

    So I really think it is something along the lines of VM being very picky on compatibility based on the specifics of your email accounts. I ended up having to give up on VM completely.

    Got a Curve two days ago also =P
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    VM is flakey on services that do not follow the appropriate mail standard. All of the examples of IMAP that I have seen were problematic were all ones that used a modified version of the standards.
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    Not doubting at all that VM has issue with non-standard IMAP, but then there are also users who can use Gmail IMAP fine with their accounts on the 755p.

    In my case I can't, even with the same VM version and using Gmail IMAP.

    This makes me think that something in each particular email account is also making a difference.
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    could be that all of gmail's servers are not all the same configuration. Or not everybody was using the same version of vm.
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