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    Hi, is there an app that reboots the Treo 755p?

    I use a car kit that my Treo straps into and use Audio Gateway to stream podcats from Kinoma player to my car stereo. It works great but sometimes the Treo gets mixed up and stops communicating with the car stereo.

    I have to take the Treo out of the car cradle, flip it over, remove the cover, take the battery out and then put it all back together again and back in the car kit to get it to work again.

    If I had an app that would reboot the 755p, it would make me very happy. Is there any such thing?

    Thanks much.
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    I have a program on my Treo called Super Utility made by Handmark that allows you to reboot from the SU home screen. I just searched Handmark's site and it looks like SU is now called "Central." It doesn't say that Central has this function but you could try downloading a trial to see if it does. It's not freeware, though -- it's $15.

    ETA: Forget what I said above -- here is SuperUtility:

    Sorry about that!
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    ZLauncher has an option to soft reset the treo at the top menu.

    It even has a default hotkey associated (Menu + R)
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    he's got toggles for keyboard, bluetooth, phone, network, and reset--i think they are all add ons for the powerhero program, which is excellent and only ten bucks
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    Before you spend a dime, be sure the mentioned apps have other needs metm If freeware is OK, then you want 'ResetMe' search on Google on
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    Of course, the above products (I have mreset and zlauncer) only work if the Treo is not frozen. The only remedy for a completely frozen Treo is to remove the battery.
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    There is a free reset application in the free applications section at, the makers of Butler, Phone Tech, etc. Works for me!
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    Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm sure that one will solve my problems.
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    Another one is SoftReset.
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    Resco Explorer also has a soft reset option, as well as one to clear the dbcache.

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