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    Hello I searched but cannot find the answer I got a Motorolla BT headset works great for phone calls my question is can I get the songs on my ptunes, to play directly to my bluetooth device? I cannot figure out how to get it to work the phone calls work via the bluetooth headset but cant get ptunes to use the bluetooth instead of the internal speakers. Thanks
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    You need a BT stereo headset for this and Softick Audio Gateway, SAG. Palm OS does not support streaming music or BT. That's what SAG is for.
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    Be aware that pTunes does not allow DRM content over SAG/A2DP.
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    I was so disappointed when I found this out the hard way. I purchased the Plantronics Voyager 855 stereo bluetooth headset and downloaded Softick Audio Gateway to try it out. I planned to use this with Pocket-Tunes and with my music content from my Yahoo! Music Unlimited To-Go subscription.

    But just as you said, Pocket-Tunes does not support DRM over Bluetooth.

    The great shame is that the whole setup really worked well otherwise. I mean, it is cumbersome to have to enable A2DP on the 700P, but at least it worked. Yes, the bass leave much to be desired on a bluetooth stereo headset, but again, at least it worked.

    That damned DRM ruined it all.
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    I have about 500 songs in my iTunes account(actually loaded my CD's on the account), but cannot use that format on the Centro.

    I read that "Sprint Music Manager" would convert the songs in my iTunes to a Centro useable fromat, so I downloaded it and converted the songs I wanted

    Next, I downloaded Audio Gateway (SAG).

    Purchased a pair of the Motorola S9s and paired easily.

    Start pTunes, then start SAG to pari with headphones and that's it!

    After a short time, I decided the S9s were not for me so I returned them and got the Jabra BT 620s. Not great, but I can live with the results and I have over 400 of my favorite tunes on my Centro.

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