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    Upgraded from my treo 650 to the 755p. don't reallly use much extra software other then splash data id, shopping, along with butler app.

    played around with a few free win xp desktop journal apps but nothing has hit home yet. cheap/free would be nice but maybe one must pay to get a good journal app (be it for win xp desktop only or one that works on pda plus desktop).

    anyway, got the email from palminfocenter indicating a 20% off sale (i'm a sucker for a good sale).
    Considering these apps but not sure which to get (if any) so input would be appreciated:
    1. Agendus
    2. Volumecare (seems even at highest setting my 755p is not that loud and even less so when paired to my pantronics 665 bt). not sure if this would boast the bt ear piece or not.
    3. Bonsai (review said they are unimpressed with the desktop app that you can get for this app)
    4. Splashnotes (expensive compared to their wallet suite app I feel but maybe worth it???)

    Ok, that is it. Not looking to spend a zillon bucks nor anything that makes my new 755p pda go nuts once I install it nor have any new app take all my ram to run thus slowing down the phones OS or speed of running other apps. also not sure I want to run things off a card but might be willing to do so if it is painless or needed. Bonus points award to pda software that also comes with a desktop app as well. If the desktop app interface is clean and effective for dealing/search/catagorizing information that would be even better.

    Sorry, I'm just not a power user it would seem but do want to somehow track life activities (sort of a personal journal be it desktop only app or desktop/pda app) along with a better way to track all the zillions of things we attempt to stay on top of. A app that does it all but as a results uses a cluttered overlay would not be of great interest to me though.

    I guess the old pda standards of Tasks, Memos might still do it but it would be nice to have something that ties it all together (memos, tasks, calendar, search feature and grouping into catagoies).

    sale ends today so any input would be appreciated
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    Don't worry, they'll have another sale next week if you miss this one, or else one of the other palm software sites will. Seems like not a month goes by that I don't get an email from one of them stating so.

    One app I absolutly loved was keysuite. I love categories and the inherant 15 max in vanilla POS is just stifling for me. Unfortunatly, keysuite will cripple a lot of software due to lack of use of the POS default databases, so I've ditched it...especially since it make syncing versamail with an exchange server impossible...or so it seems.

    As well, it's been my experience that there is not one app thats outstanding in tying all things together into a system. If you are familiar with "Getting Things Done", you know what I mean. I might suggest you try Shadowplan as it seems to integrate very well into a "system", has an excellent user base, and is well written.

    Good Luck!
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    Specifically about Bonsai...

    I LOVE this product and the desktop client is very nice. Im not sure what youre looking for it to do for you but I love it.

    I use the outlines to run my day. I create a "todo" checklist every night before bed and sync while I am sleeping. Voila its on my desktop for the next days work. Or, if Im out and about and get something on the list done, I can check it off the handheld.

    I would be lost without this app.
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    In regards to it tying everything together...

    Its not as tight that way as you might like but I use the POS calendar app for my appointments then add that as a check mark entry in Bonsai. That way I have the visual/audio reminder from the calendar and then I can check it off in Bonsai when Im done.
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    Splash Money would be the greatest app ever, IF it supported WAMU for online mode.

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