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    For some reason, within the last month, Blazer has changed the way it handles picture-intensive sites. I've had no problems loading pages with multiple pics in the past. I've made no changes in the prefs; I'm in regular mode, no change in cache size....but on these pages, only the first one or two pics load; the others have placeholders. Really mystifying. The pages load very fast; I'm in an EVDO area. Are there other settings I'm missing?
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    Yeah, happens on occasion. I bet that a soft reset "fixes" it. I can also fix it using reset netlib (free, google it). Seems to be related to there being few sockets available. Either reset netlib or a soft reset clear it up for me.
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    Yep, a soft reset fixed it. Guess I need to get a Treo that has more resets....

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