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    Just won the auction for a Mint Treo 700p and I will be activating it on verizon once I receive it. Never had a treo before but had a m505 a while ago. I haven't really found a getting started guide anywhere and I just want a couple of tips on what to do when I first get it and how to keep it running quickly. I have a 512MB SD Card I can use with it, yeah I know rather small, but can upgrade eventually. Anyone with tips to a new user?

    Sadly, I won't be able to have a data plan, but I do have unlimited messaging.
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    Im a new user too. Just got my 700p last week. Just switched from a motorola Q. im just getting used to the phone so any advice for me or emerica would be awesime.

    Thanks in advance.
    TREO 700P
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    First, spend some time reading these forums. You can learn a lot and get a lot more out of your Treo. Read the manual. it may be on the CD. Set up a hotsync to your computer and hotsync regularly. Also get a backup program. Some are free. Have fun. Be careful what programs you install. some are junk and will cause it to be unstable. Just do a backup before, then you can restore if there is a problem. Have fun.
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    Another suggestion, take a bit of time and determine what you really want to accomplish with the device - it does lots of things.

    Many of us use it for work (I do), entertainment (I do) and so forth. After a bit of goal looking, ask for some assistance.


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