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    Ok - I've had my Centro for roughly 2 months, I've been able to figure out everything but this. Does anyone know what programs and steps to use to make ringtones and call tones? I'd really appreciate the info
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    You can use this free program - Minitones,1053.html
    You can choose a specific piece of a song or file to use, cutting it exactly how you want it. Pretty cool!
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    Seems like a good program but is there one that won't take me an hour to trim my songs?
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    I use wavepad on my PC. Save file as .m4a and upload using sprintusers or funformobile. Time to make a ringer from start to finish is rough 2 minutes, including upload.
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    I personally use RingoPRO. You can use the MP3s on your SD card and not take up valuable RAM. And not having to wait to crop songs down. I love it.

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