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    hi guys
    do you ever run into the prob where you hit the power button on the centro and it doesn't wake up? and even with subsequent presses, it still won't turn on so you have to resort to taking the battery out? granted I do have a fully charged battery so low batt isn't an issue...just wondering if any of you are experiencing this...
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    btw, I've also tried holding the power button down for a few seconds to see if it might wake that way but to no avail. I had to resort to removing the batt.

    do know that I've barely installed anything on here. I only have toccer, colorize, kinoma and snapper. I also don't have any running apps in the background, like toccer, when the freeze happens...
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    mine did it one time so far, i just kept hitting buttons and then i looked at it and cursed once or twice about having to probably take the batt out and then it came on... it hasn't happened since so hopefully it's just a fluke...
    i don't have anything extra installed yet except songs and pics, no apps. yet

    hopefully we won't see this again *knock on wood*
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    Do you have pxa clocker activated? I had this problem with I tried to use pxa clocker with the centro. Took pxa off and haven't had the problem since.
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    Well I have had that problem twice in two days and I had to take the battery out. I may be returning it for another one.
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    I've been having probelms over the past few days with my Centro periodically going non-responsive and freezing. Sometimes it is while it is in sleep mode and fefusing to wake up. Sometimes it is with an application running. (no pattern as to which application or applications set it off. It seems purely random.)

    I'm wondering if it is errant software or a bad Treo. I've tried checking the error log on the phone and it is not registering an error for these events.

    Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?
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    Ran into this problem again about three times this week. I always have to resort to pulling the battery. Sigh.
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    You should take it back Michelle. That isn't normal behavior, and I would imagine very frustrating...especially if you are trying to do something. The resets aren't very quick. Take it back before you end up throwing it out a window or something in a fit of frustration.
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    I have had it happen 3 times in the last couple of days. If that battery door wasn't such a pain to open, it would be no big deal.
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    My centro is now doing this 2-4 times a week. Very frustrating. Time for a new one?
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    My 650 started doing this about 3 weeks ago. Wonder if there is a connection

    I first tired wiping my saved_preferences file and then it still locked up.

    Now, I have just done a hard reset without restoring anything and am waiting to see if it locks up again.

    If it locks up again, then I know it is a failing piece of hardware, and can exchange for a new one...

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    Often times an area that has a weak signal will cause the device to take a "long" period to come on. Ben
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    My Centro has been doing this every few days. It's like it justs turns itself off, and will not respond to any keys to wake up again. The screen just stays black. I have to do the same thing, remove and reinstall the battery to get it to turn back on.

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