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    I have a Sprint 700P phone and so does my wife. My Motorola H700c bluetooth headset works great with my phone or with hers. I can pair and use my h700c headse sucessfully on both.

    HOWEVER I have bought 3 brand new H700's from Costco for her, and replaced her phone and although ALL of them pair, none of them work with her phone??? When I open the h700 the bluetooth symbol on her phone does not change and the headset does not work???

    I do have Spnt vers 1.10, have turned the cache on and off, but can not figure out why things are not working???? Is there a way to change settings on the headset itself, I don't see any other options in the Treo? I have tried power cycling, BT on and off, etc.

    I really want to make this work, as I like the featue of opening and closing the headset and being able to use the phone.


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    See Neville310 response, he saved the day. or search for h700
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    Great find elefant, and a big thanks. This helped me solve the same problem.

    Here's the link to the Treo & Centro Acessories Forum thread with the details in case it can help someone else.

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