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    Hello, first post. I've got a problem and some questions.

    I bought a slightly used unlocked AT&T / Cingular branded Treo 680 with a larger battery+battery back plate. I'm in Canada on Rogers' network.

    The problem is my phone sends all voice as screechy loud noise according to every party I've called (including myself on a couple land lines.) My voice barely makes it through. This screeching noise happens even when MUTE is on, and with speakerphone on or off, whether accepting or initiating the call, and at varying geographic locations (presumably using different cells (towers).)

    Everything else works: receiving audio works fine, sending/receiving text messages, internet access is good. SD expansion slot works. The microphone seems to work perfectly, I've tested it with the voice memo software. An external headset made no difference.

    I've swapped sim cards and batteries with another happy 680 user, I've done full battery charges, soft resets, hard resets, updated with palm's Treo680-1.09-ATT update, played with brightness settings, etc. to no avail. Everything works except actually sending voice clearly.

    My phone info:
    Firmware: R01.34
    Software: Treo680-1.09-ATT
    CC-Cap: ATT-ATT-001
    Carrier DB: 292
    Hardware: A

    Am I doing something wrong? Was it a bad idea to use an AT&T branded GSM phone on Rogers' network? Was I possibly sold a dud (nearly-fried radio transmitter?)
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    I've got basically the same setup as you, and have no problems. I've got worse static on the cordless landline than on the Treo... I'm also in New Zealand, so nowhere near the US/Canada.

    I'd have to say that you probably got sold a defective unit... If you can, take it back and complain, if not, you may have to try and send it somewhere to be repaired.
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    Thanks, you're probably right. I've given up and mailed the phone back to the seller for a refund.

    Since my first post I bought a new Treo 680 and I love it.

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