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    Is it possible to download and/or add new color themes to the 700P (Sprint) without having to change my launcher or have to download numerous other programs/applications to make it work?

    I saw an application called "Butterfly v1.0" which apparently does exactly that, but I didn't want to download it without looking into it a bit more and so far haven't found much info.

    I'm a real n00b with this stuff so if it's not pretty easy and straightforward, I probably shouldn't be messing with it, but if it's easy and cheap/free, I'll give it a shot.

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    i use a free program called colorize - have it on my card and it works great

    here is one place to get it
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    Another simple way to pretty up the display of the calendar is to set the default view to agenda view and select to display a background and use a suitable image from those on your phone. Use Menu>Options>Display Options.

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