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    How frustrating. I've been using TomTom on my Treo 755p for months with NO problems at all.

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday I used TomTom to find my way to a fairly remote address in Arkansas (from Austin TX). I love this thing.

    At 6:00 AM Saturday morning we get in the car for the long trip home but TomTom acts flaky; says it has a route but has me located off-road.

    I soft-reset my Treo and TomTom started working properly. But, it hung after about 5 minutes. Only the map was hung though. I tap the screen to get into settings, I checked the GPS display which had a good lock. But the map was not being updated.

    Several soft-resets and hangs later it finally stayed happy. But after a lunch break when we got back in the car it was hanging again.

    This has NEVER happened before. Anyone have any idea what I should do to get this thing working reliably again. I would have been totally lost if I hadn't been able to get TomTom working for the first few hours of the return trip!

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Sheesh! This has never happened to anybody?
    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I've had my TomTom for 3+ years and went from version 5 to 6 on over four different devices (currently 755p) and it is safe to say I have never had it freeze on me (knock on dashboard). The only issue I've had was long pauses when the GPS is calculating a long route or bluetooth searching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenHawk View Post
    Sheesh! This has never happened to anybody?
    It has happened to me a couple of times, but soft re-sets seemed to solve the problem. Did a complete re-install of Tom Tom once.
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    Hmmm, well this experience actually has me considering blowing the dough for a TomTom 720.

    From my research, I like the TomTom features better than the Garmin and Magellin devices, and I like the TomTom interface.

    I've really come to rely on these darn things while travelling. I have to assume that the dedicated devices are more reliable.
    Treo 755p / Sprint

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