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    Did you keep your hotsync ID and xfer all your data and info or change your ID and do a clean install?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tedcousens View Post
    Did you keep your hotsync ID and xfer all your data and info or change your ID and do a clean install?
    The latter... if only because I still use my 650 for gps navigation.

    Also, I've heard the former can be problematic.
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    If I'm only keeping one device, I do a "clean install" of sorts but keep the same hotsync ID.

    Most developers tie your serial to it in one way or another, and although some will allow you to change it nearly all will treat you worse than the TSA for doing it.

    When I change devices,

    1) I hotsync the old one,
    2) make a full backup to the flash card via backupman,
    3) rename the "backup" folder (under \palm\username\backup)
    4) make a new empty "backup" folder,
    5) do a hotsync with new device
    6) selectively restore and check individual applications from the backupman image, reregistering if necessary.
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    I did the 650 (Verizon) to 755p (Sprint) and kept the same user ID, but re-installed all the applications. If you don't keep the same user name, most of your commercial 3rd party software will no longer work and you'll have to buy a new license, because in most cases your registration number is tied to your HotSync ID. Once you've re-installed the 3rd party applications, you can re-enter your registration numbers for those apps. The only software registration that wouldn't carry over for me was PocketMoney, which is rather dated anyway so I switched to SplashMoney (exporting my PocketMoney data to a CSV file and importing it into Splashmoney worked fine.)

    I had no problems with keeping the same ID but you'll have to rename your Palm backup folder so that your 650-specific files don't get copied over to the 755p.
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    Wow, Joad and I said almost exactly the same thing - great minds think alike, I guess...

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