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    I am seeing treo 755p's w/out contract for around $300 on ebay. Are they legit? Can they be programmed to my present contract? (Sprint SERO) Anyone have any experiences buying a phone via ebay? I got two 650's for free w/ 2 year contacts almost 2 years ago - I don't expect that is gonna happen again...
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    I've bought a couple phones through eBay, including my new 755p about two weeks ago. As with any eBay purchase, you take a little risk and should only buy if you are comfortable with the seller's rating, but there is nothing special about buying a phone that way. Just make sure you buy one that is listed as a Sprint phone (which is no problem, since the 755p is only available on Sprint). Once you've got it, just call Sprint and tell them you have a new phone and want your service switched to that phone. They can do it in a matter of minutes and it won't extend or change your contract.

    The only issue I could foresee that would be specific to phones is that you could potentially buy a phone that someone else has activated and that Sprint won't transfer your account to because its previous owner abandoned his Sprint account with an unpaid balance. But that can't happen by accident. It could only happen because the seller is swindling you. If you buy a new phone from a seller with a good rating there should be no problem.

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