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    I'm replacing my black centro and I'm now thinking whether to get another black or a red. Which centro do you guys prefer?

    ETA: If it matters, I am a 27 yo female.
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    I have a black Centro. I'm a dude. I think red Centro's look good on females......

    If Sprint came out with a metalic dark blue Centro, I would kiss my local Sprint CS rep on the lips....

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    Red Red Red
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    I put in Black, but I'm military so if I wear it on my belt it has to be black, silver, or blue, and not stand out or otherwise detract from the uniform.
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    If you are using it for business at all, I found the red to be too flashy. I sometimes take mine to meetings, etc. so I know what the dial ins are, room, can access contacts, etc. Also, if I ever have a need to record a meeting. So going into a meeting with the red Centro I felt was a tad distracting. I considered getting a case for it so it would look more professional in the work environment, and I still may get a case because the Centro tends to look more like a phone than PDA, but I would probably not use the case 100% of the time.

    So for me, deciding factor was that I'm using it personally, but I'm also using it professionally.

    P.S. And I'm a female, too.
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    red all the way! I had black before and even if it wasn't my first choice the black look nice as well especially since it had sparkles in it too.
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    Black. The red is too sparkly and bright for some guys!
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    Good timing for this thread. Asurion sent me a red one replacing my 650, but I wanted it in black. They said because it came from the warehouse that they couldn't select which color I received and hinted that I wouldn't be able to exchange it in case I got the red one. Hopefully my local Sprint store won't give me too much hassle about replacing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepster722 View Post
    I'm replacing my black centro and I'm now thinking whether to get another black or a red. Which centro do you guys prefer?

    ETA: If it matters, I am a 27 yo female.
    you forgot to metion ur relationship status ?
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    I'd definitely go red in your case, no question. You need to see one in person since the pics you see aren't accurate. The black has the metallic sparkles too as someone just mentioned but its hardly noticeable the few times the light hits it just right. The frosted clear silicone skins will tone down the brightness and the red will show through. The red is hot.
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    I have the black Centro, and my male cuz in FL has the red one.

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    I am female and I went with the black. I figured I can dress it up with a nice colored leather case. And, if/when the mood hits me, get a different colored case.
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    46 yo male.

    i went for the red. VERY happy with it.
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    I have the black and love it. I considered getting the red but thought it was a bit too flashy.
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    I got the red one (29, female). I just thought it was more fun. Then I hit the Japanese store for a little Monoruko charm.
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    I have the red and DH has black. Side-by-side, his looks stodgy. Mine looks cool. Go red!
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    yeah i dont like how my dads black one looks. we ordered one of each and i chose the red cause the black one is Fugly
    Red Centro on SERO, ftw
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    Yesterday the light lit up my black Centro like a disco ball. I don't like the gold metallic specs at all. It looks like I'm going to have to pick a silicone skin soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-model View Post
    you forgot to metion ur relationship status ?
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    i have the black one

    it seems to me that the black one would be more versatile and with the different skins that seem to be available you could have a blue one or a green one if you really wanted to... and i guess it really comes down to personal preference, i like the stealth black silicone skin from boxwave/spe with the black centro, it's the prefered phone combo choice for ninjas
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