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    Well I received a Treo 650 from a friend who got a new phone and have been using it for about two weeks. Today I upgraded my plan to allow internet access but I cant connect with my username and password. The only way I can connect is using the info that was already in the phone (my friends username ad pass). What's the problem here? Would this phone have connected even before I paid for the plan? I cant tell if my account has been enable for access. Any help is appreciated!
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    since you can already access the internet using your friend's username and password, it probably is a solution. you can otherwise talk to your phone company (or search via internet) and find out the appropriate settings.
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    neotreoguy, who is your phone provider? If that Treo is a CDMA phone, it might have to be deactivated from your friend's account and activated on yours, and until that happens, you're probably using his account.
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    Tom, I have Sprint. Is it just the user name and password that matters, or is it something on my phone that has to be authorized?
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    I use Sprint as well, you need to call Sprint and they need to activate the ESN of that Treo 650 onto your cell phone number at Sprint. Then you can go onto the Treo under Preferences - Network and there is where you put your complete Sprint Vision username (including the and your password in the boxes. Be sure that at the top the pull down box is chosen for PCS Vision. click Save and then click Connect.

    If your friend got a new phone, when he got that new one activated it should have cleared the ESN of the Treo, so you just need to call Sprint and get it activated onto your cell #. Good luck.

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