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    I placed the order on 11/23. That means I gotta send them back this week! Ok, I'm packing them up for tomorrow's shipment...any advice on what to include on the letter that'll work to my advantage? I'm tempted enough to just say GIMME MY DAMN MONEY BACK YOU THIEVES!!! but I think that may not fly.
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    ergh, sorry double post.
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    I like to try and help but not be responsible! I don't think a nasty or demanding letter usually works but makes ya feel better. Be sure you follow their return instructions. I'd print it off the web, Idk what they mentioned when you got your receipt? I think at this point you're stuck.

    You need to send it UPS or FedUP with tracking and they probably need to receive it before the 23rd. Idk if they follow the order date or delivery date? I'd assume its the order date unless you have something in writing. You might need to send that faster in that case if you can't get it out today.

    I think you need to explain how you are sure they are defective and not that you can't get them to work. There's the difference. You followed the included instructions for the unit, the software and the phone. You have spent a great deal of time trying to get it to work and have asked others for help. You've concluded that the unit should work and that the only explanation is that it is defective and you need to exchange it. You have sent several emails and it has been very difficult to reach someone. You would appreciate it if the exchange went smoothly and quickly since at this point you can't recommend them. Something like that?
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