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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle View Post
    i am able to connect to this! argh.

    Sounds like your hardware is all good then.

    Why WAI does not work is unknown.

    Are you running it from a Card or in memory? That may or may not make a difference.
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    running everything from memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle View Post
    i installed this. how do i configure?

    i am able to see data in "show raw data" section though.

    If you are able to see data in the raw data section it is working.

    Set the receiver near a window or take it outside and see how many satellites you can pick up. Either GPStester or cotoGPS can tell you this.

    menu -> Configure

    Use whatever settings the GPS receiver recommends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fulltlt View Post
    What does hit or miss to begin with mean?

    You said gpstester connects to it. Does it not connect every time?
    If GPStester works every time then your hardware is all good.

    Are you running the apps from memory or SD card?

    Try reinstalling WAI. Make sure it is version 1.4.

    It's a very simple app that should work every time.

    You realize WAI is just a toy to fiddle with.

    Does Google maps work by itself?

    Another suggestion: Spend a few dollars and get some real GPS software
    like Delorme SA 2008 ($29.99 on sale or $39.99 most places) or Garmin or TomTom for a lot more dollars. Software is 99% of the solution.
    Man I am about to give up on WAI. Is this the Delorme version to get?
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    I see you are still having problems. I didn't read this entire thread, but you do have version 1.4 of Where Am I?

    I am actually using TeleNav, not TomTom. Though after reading this thread I went back to double check everything, and while I can get WAI to work (and my Freedom connects with no problems), I can't seem to access TeleNav's servers. So I'm experiencing some issues now, too...though they don't seem to be the same as what you are.
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    Yes, version 1.4. I even click "check for updates" and it shows it as current...
    When you click on "get coordinates" on WAI, does it give you the results instantly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle View Post
    Man I am about to give up on WAI. Is this the Delorme version to get?

    Yes, both of these products have the Palm version of Street Atlas included with them. It is not as spiffy as TomTom or Garmin but it does work. It takes a little manipulation to get the maps you want loaded. Remember software is 99% of the solution. Check for sales in your area. Target had it on sale for $29.99. Fry's had it for $29.99 with 2 $10 rebates bringing it to $9.99. Those sales are over as of a few days ago but there might be more happening or coming up.

    Another free app you could try is earthcomber. I found the maps to be quite inaccurate in my area for earthcomber though. Maps are cumbersome to download from their website.

    You had mentioned earlier you might try Telenav. That's $10 per month.

    We need someone else with a Centro to try Where Am I and let us know if it works for them.
    Treo 300 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p
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    Unbelievable. I think you should return it as defective while you still have time in case that is the issue. I think you should also do a hard reset if you haven't already, when everything is backed up.
  9. #69 is not even responding to my email. the one time they did, they claim it's supposed to work. at this point, i am sick of trying and i just want to send the damn thing back!
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    That stinks! You should get your receipt and info together and find out what the last day to exchange it is. Can you call them? I couldn't find a Freedom number to call but I think they have email for tech. sprt. as I recall. I'd try the hard reset first if you feel comfortable doing that. Then it would be a new device and fresh install. You might Google the store for info on returns and you might contact the credit card people. Some of these places need an RMA for a return so I'd stay on them.
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    Did you try the 2nd Freedom that you had purchased for a gift? I think the results of trying to use that will at least give you an indication of if it's the GPS, or your device.

    If it's your device (Centro), then as others mentioned...a Hard Reset might be in order.

    The issue I was experiencing with the servers went away nearly as fast as it showed up.
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    French, thank you for helping. I have just about had it with trying so I want to see if I can send it back. However, I've emailed about a refund several times this week and have not gotten back any response.
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    Michelle I sent ya a PM, I don't know if you noticed it, I know I normally don't.
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    i got it thanks. i don't know what it's going to take to get a reply! i've sent them so many emails! not one reply back yet. i wonder why...
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    Michelle, I tried whois and its all private. Their server is in AZ though. I found their FAQ page and they have info on returns and exchanges within 30 days, assuming I have the right place. Here is the link, check it out they sound ok as long as they follow through. I'd send it back with UPS so you can track it.
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    thank you for all your help, i really appreciate it. bit the bullet and did a hard reset. still can't get damn coordinates from the unit. i hit the "get coordinates" button and it says "reading gps data" but then the prompt disappears and i'm back to the app like nothing happened!
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    Take it back and exchange it. I had trouble finding tech. sprt. from the manufacturer on their web site as I recall. I think they had an email option but who knows how long that can take. I guess I'd take it back and also follow up with the tech. sprt. maybe they will give you the info you need by the time you get the replacements.
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    Wait a minute, did you use the same exact software that others with the Centro and that model receiver have used successfully? I think you were trying out different software at one time? I'm trying here, I can't see how it can't work after doing a hard reset unless its defective, I mean what other options are there?
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    No, I am still trying to use Where Am I. It's my only free option. I cant' get into the paid apps until I'm certain that the device works.
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    Ok, so if I have this right, which so far people must think I'm nuts, I think you're using an app that you can't confirm works on the Centro, but should. Have you contacted them to confirm the app works with the Centro and that unit? I guess I'm thinking now to take a different approach. I'd say get the app that you want, that you know is certified to work with the Centro and that unit. If the unit doesn't work at that point then you should exchange it. I don't see why it wouldn't work if others on here or elsewhere have been able to use it with the Centro, that unit and their app. I'd work on exchanging it right away while you still have time. It didn't look like you needed to reach them before making the return. I don't know how much time you have left?
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