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    In my previous phones ( 600 & 650 ) I disconnected by manually checking snapper, but I haven't set that up yet ; other than turning the phone off & on again what's the simplest way. By the way I did a search. Thanks for the help.
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    i think it "shuts down" when u stop using it
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbulent View Post
    i think it "shuts down" when u stop using it
    Not necessarily. From the main Applications screen you select Prefs then Network. On the subsequent screen there is a Disconnect button if you're connected to the net (or a Connect button if you're not).
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    You can do what chuckc suggested or you can download an application called ResetNet and see if it will work on your Centro.

    Otherwise, the data connection will self terminate after 2 hours with no activty.

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    Does anyone have any sense of what the battery usage is when you're connected to the network but not sending/receiving data, vs actually disconnecting?

    So far i've tried to be pretty diligent about explicitly disconnecting, but I'm wondering if i need to bother?

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