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    Woke up this morning to find that the LED is on and a generic alert reading something about not being able to connect to the network, and update will occur the next sync. What?! I chose "go to" in order to try to figure out which app is trying to update.

    When I went to the next screen, I had the option of "update", but it was still unclear which app. So I chose it.

    Come to find out, there is a setting in "My Centro", after on registers I presume, for an "Auto update". It goes through and trys to reinstall everything I deleted, including Addit Sync. I had deleted the bloadware Addit Sync because I do not intend to buy and download software directly from Palm. It took up a lot of memory, and creates temporary files that takes even more (experience from downloading Solitaire). When I initiated the update this morning, it was in the process of downloading Addit Sync...

    Oh, it burned over 25% of my battery over night too.

    So now, Auto Update is disabled on My Centro.
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    I wish that there was just a way to get rid of this. It's not enough that we have to purge our new PCs of the crap they preinstall, now our phones, too? Seriously Palm, was this really necessary?

    I also can't stand the fact that they tend to put this stuff in our untouchable ROM.

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    Amen...I registered my Centro using this darn thing and went down over 3 megs in memory, and now I have "memory leak". It just keeps gradually getting smaller and smaller. It's really ticking me off. What a nice way to treat someone who registers...add bloatware to their phone taking up precious memory, without even giving them the option of opting out.

    This ticks me off too!!

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