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    I have a small buisness. A lot of the time I have no receptionist answering calls when I'm out of the office. I can get all my email instantly using Chatter. My Exchange server sends copies of faxes that I can view using AI Pro. Simulscribe sends transcriptions of my business voice mails. I can manually sync my calendar and tasks over the air with my computer using network Hotsync. I have Docs to Go 10. I can record my calls using Call Rec. I can jot down a note using BugMe Notepad. I have Mundu IM (but canít get it to stay connected with MSN it always signs me out).

    I canít think of much else I could get to make things eaiser. The only reason I bring my laptop with me when I travel is because a few emails are unreadable on my Centro and I can browse the web quicker and easier. I have all the multimedia and entertainment software I need. Iíd like to find out what other business solutions people are using? These things are great!
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    HanDBase, Documents To Go, ChatterEmail are the main ones I use. Have you tried PDANet?
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    You might look into Agendus Pro and YourCall by iambic. There may be some value-add there over the built-in app's functionalities.
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