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    I just recently noticed that hitting my MEMO key restarts my Treo. I've never had this problem before. Help!
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    I'm assuming your memo key is simply the memo app associated with one of the hard keys. Can you run the memo app from the palm launcher? If not, it sounds like you may have a corrupt memo.
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    It does run through the Palm Desktop program. How do I fix it?
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    I'm not talking about the Palm Desktop program on your computer. If you hit the button with the picture of the house (should bring up all of your programs on the treo, if not switch categories to all) and select memo, will the treo reset at that point in time?

    If it also crashes from there, you probably have a corrupt memo database. I have never used the Palm Desktop software so I'm not sure how to export and import data. But in general, you export your memos, delete them, and then reimport them, and resync. This will eliminate any corrupt memos. I'm not sure if they will retain their categories or not.
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    Should have used NVBackup.

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