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    I have a $19.95 a year Yahoo account. It seems that over the last 2 days, after I upgrades to chatter, that emails sent from chatter using the Yahoo smtp takes hours before it is received. Mail sent from the Gmail smtp server is received right away. Is this a problem with Yahoo or with Chatter? Anyone else with this problem?
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    I have this problem all the time with YAHOO . . . that is why I stopped paying them any money. It is a Yahoo issue . . . not Chatteremail.
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    I am not sure if the problem is with Yahoo. I did a few tests today. I sent myself a test message from Chatter 3.0.10 using Yahoo smtp to my gmail, fastmail and yahoo account at 2:23 pm, Chatter received them at 7:03 pm. I just sent another test email from my yahoo account from my PC to gmail, fastmail and yahoo account using the same yahoo smtp server and the message arrived immediately on chatter. I then sent another email from Chatter which was 5 minutes ago. Nothing so far. The sent folder said it was sent though. So what do you think now? I never had such long delays before I upgraded chatter to 3.0.10
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    I'm not aware of any issues with sending, and there aren't any other recent reports of this, so it's hard to understand what's happening. BTW, Chatter doesn't move messages to "TreoSent" until sending has been confirmed by the SMTP server.

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    I repeated the test. Email sent from PC showed up on Chatter immediately. Email sent from Chatter still in Limbo. Does Yahoo's smtp server know if the email was sent from Chatter (Treo) or from a PC and does it treat them differently? I am about to do a hard reset and restore a backup with Chatter 3.0.9 and do another test. Is that worthwhile or should I try something else less drastic?
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    I really don't have a suggestion; 3.0.9 is no different than 3.0.10 as far as SMTP is concerned.

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    OK I'll restore 3.0.9 and report back. Gmail attachments in 3.0.10 works fine BTW. Thanks for giving that to us!
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    I didn't know I also NVSbacked up my Sprint 650 with Chatter 3.0.2rc2 and since you said 3.0.9 is no different than 3.0.10 as far as SMTP is concerned, I restored 3.0.2rc2 instead. emails sent to my 3 email accounts from 3.0.2rc2 showed up immediately in Chatter. Can someone with Chatter 3.0.10 and using Yahoo smtp please try it and let me know if you have the same problems or not?

    I am going to restore 3.0.10 and test again.

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    OK I'll restore 3.0.9 and report back. Gmail attachments in 3.0.10 works fine BTW. Thanks for giving that to us!
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    I know this is off-topic, but how do I set up email for a free Yahoo account in Chatter? I want to pull emails every 15 minutes. What settings do I need as far as incoming and outgoing servers? I had it set up before, but forgot how I did it.
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    can someone help me with this???
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    Yahoo should have some help pages giving you incoming and smtp server names, ports, etc. I'm not 100% sure . . . but free accounts usually are tricky.
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    ChatterEmail has a "wizard" for Yahoo POP3 service; after using the "New Account" menu command, just choose the Yahoo account type and the proper settings will be used.

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    i have a non-paid account. what am i doing wrong..i keep getting login failed.
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    don't you need to have a paid account to get access to POP3 for Yahoo?

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