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    Hello, Just got my brand new Treo 680 very happy. But something is really bothering me. For some reason, whenever I reset the device, nothing is saved.

    KeyCaps 600 never remembers to "turn on" unless I actually activate the SW.
    I've checked several times and my "turn on after reset" option IS on.

    My LauncherX program never remembers to "launch" when I press the home button.

    Oh, and KeyShades Hack doesn't work with my device either -

    do I have a defective device?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    What you describe is a corruption of the Saved Prefs file. You say the 680 is new.

    Did you upgrade from another Palm device, like a 600 or 650? If so, did you transfer everything from the old device with a Hotsync or backup on the card?

    When upgrading, you should only transfer your PIM data with a Hotsync: Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks.

    Everything else should be installed with a clean install.

    BTW.....KeyShades Hack defaults to keyboard off after a soft reset.

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    Hello Treotraveler - thanks a ton for the info.

    I did send a few files via infrared from my 650 to my 680. I'm going to Hardreset my device & erase it and try it again clean. Wish me luck!
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    Schaweet! Thanks a ton Treotraveler.

    Took me a while to get everything back the way I like it, but the system is remembering all my settings and I'm one happy camper!

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