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    I set up my new Centro to use Versamail EAS . . . with allows me to sync OTA my email, contacts and calendar events. All was well for a couple of weeks.

    Then I decided to hotsync my Centro to my laptop . . . so I could add software in the future. I loaded the software from my Centro CD . . . and the hotsync software found my Centro with no problems. It synced my phone . . . which basically backed everything up. It did not - as expected - backup my contacts, email or calendars, as those are done via Exchange server.

    However . . .after disconnecting my phone . . . Versamail failed to get my mail. I realized that after the hotsync . . . I had to re-enter my Versamail EAS password. Once I did this . . . versamail was off and running as usual.

    This happened on three Centros all running Versamail EAS . . . so it was not unique to just my phone. Any ideas as to why this happens?

    Plus I noticed that the new Palm desktop software that ships with the Centro does not have anyway of checking my Versamail accounts like the old software for my 700P did.
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    Can you go into the conduits and disable the email conduit?

    Just out of curiousity: do you have your email password saved on your computor? I had similar behavoir on one account because it was an account I was not allowing outlook to save the password.
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    I installed the included CD's palm hotsync application over my previous i500 hotsync version and have been using Versamail and the EAS sync without any problems for the past week. I do see the Versamail hotsync window briefly popup on the PC screen during the hotsync.

    Not sure if I am doing anything different but I left everything default as far as mail or versamail settings in the Hotsync manager.
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    No email passwords saved on the computer.

    With my 700P and the old Palm Desktop software . . . I did not have this problem. And checking the conduits . . . the software defaulted to Do Nothing for calendar and contacts.

    However, the Centro with the new Palm software . . . checking the conduit for calendar and contacts says syncronise the files for both. Yet . . . because they are set up to sync with EAS, they actually don't sync with the desktop.

    Yet when I disconnect my Centro from the USB cable . . . I have to put my password in for my Versamail EAS mail account. Once I do this . . . it works fine again.
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    Solved my own problem . . . which was not really a problem.

    Since I sync'd all three phones with an Exchange server on day one . . . each unit was assigned a strange hotsync id . .. like treouser68.

    When I did my first hotsync with the computer . . . I actually changed the ID to better label each phone. Whenever you change the hotsync ID . . . you need to reenter the password for Versamail EAS.

    So the phone was doing what it should do . . . protecting my data and password. When I hotsync the phones again using the new hotsync id's . . . the password stays with no problem.

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