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    Hi all,
    For those of you who have your AIM messages forwarded to your Centros when you're logged off of AIM, are you having forwarding issues? I tried sending myself a test IM through another screen name and I'm getting this error: Your message could not be delivered. Please try again later. I've been getting it for several days now. Anyone else having this problem?
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    mine works fine. has about 5 seconds of lag depending on where I am.

    when you are using another account does your sn show mobile? also is this second account your on tied to your first account, like when you use two sn's from one computer?

    I would suggest asking a friend online to message you right after you log off and show up as mobile. then a minute later log back on if you haven't received a message.
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    yes, my sn #1 shows as mobile on the account i'm using to send an IM, sn #2. no, this account (sn #2) is not tied to my first (sn #1). this is frustrating!

    i deleted my phone # from the device list and tried registering it again. when i got to the part where i was supposed to receive a text with the confirmation #, i never received it. i'm still waiting and it's been at least 15 mins. why does AIM mobile hate me?!?!?!!?
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    i am still having this issue. i never received the confirmation text that was sent to register the phone for aim forwarding. is it a aim server problem maybe?
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    Is there a way to call aol for support? maybe there is a troubleshooting guide under a help menu

    it did take a few minutes for the initial text message to come through from aim. but I did get it.

    have you received texts from any phone while you have been having this problem? maybe your sms isn't working properly, and could be a problem with sprint
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    i have been receiving all other texts just fine. only aim/aol is not working for me i tried requesting the confirmation text again and still nothing...sigh.
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    ok, i tried signing my sister's aim screen name and sprint phone up for aim forwarding and she got the confirmation number text within a minute. i tried signing up again and never got the confirmation text! does aol hate me or what?!

    where is aol support when i need it!?
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    bump. anyone? i don't know why i can't get my alerts
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    i am still not able to receive that 4-digit confirmation code! omg can someone please help me!!! this has been going on for at least a month. i try every day to get the code sent but i NEVER receive it. i am able to receive all other text messages though.

    i tried even signing up under a new screen name. even under that one, i couldn't receive the code. HELLLP!!!
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    I would call AOL support on this one as I got the code within seconds. My wife got hers about 2 minutes later. What version of AIM are you using? Or are you setting this up on the website?i Whichever you are doing I would try the other, ie if using the website, download and install the desktop client and go from there.
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    what is the # to aol support?

    i am using the latest version of aim desktop client. i've tried forwarding from that and also via web and still nothing.
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    sorry to beat a dead horse but i'm dying here. what is the # to aol support or how do i find it so i can resolve this once and for all?
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    The first thing I think of when I think of AOL support is how they don't know what they're doing. That might not apply to cell phone issues but it does for PCs. I hate to say it but I'd do a hard reset if you haven't already before calling them. I would think its on their home page or Google the number? I can't stand AOL and I'm glad I went with Earthlink!
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    Wait, what about clearing the cache/cookies? I wonder if that might help?
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    are you talking about clearing the cache of Blazer? or Firefox? or...?

    sorry to be a whiner. it seems that i'm running into all the annoying problems lately...why me...
    and yes, i know what you mean about calling support. makes me want to try to solve everything myself.
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    These guys here know more about that then I do, I'm just trying to help or point you in what I think is the right direction. Without reading the thread again I recall it should have gone through the first time but something happened and it got hung up and you haven't been able to get it to work since. I'm wondering if the issue could be on the phone, sounds like it is and if that's possible it could be the cache or cookies or something like that. I don't want to mess you up any more than you are so you might want to double check on this stuff before trying anything. If you know everything should work but doesn't then I would try it before calling AOL. The only cache they know is the kind they've lost from everyone being fed up with them.
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    I've done a hard reset. Bad news. Still can't get the damn code. And I still can't connect to the damn GPS...

    Sorry for the bitterness. I just don't understand what's going on. I don't know what could have happened for the forwarding to just stop out of the blue. It was working fine a few months ago. Then towards mid November, forwarding just stopped.
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    Does a hard reset clear the cache, I would imagine it does. Would the cache and cookies get transferred back during a sync or recovery from a hard reset? In this case you don't want the same stuff put back on? Anyone?
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    i think a hard reset wipes everything clean. i didn't sync it after that. hell, i don't sync it at all. that's what nvbackup is for.
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