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    That's sort of what I'm thinking though, is there a chance it put the same bad stuff right back on? You want to wipe the Centro clean, install the receiver and software from scratch and test it. Then I'd put everything back on, something like that? It would be like installing the receiver and GPS before adding a contact or making a phone call on a brand new Centro. Ok, play cou cou clock sound effect!
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    I don't get how it could put the same bad stuff back on after a hard reset? A hard reset is supposed to wipe the memory clean...
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    Right, Idk, and that might be the key word. My theory was if you did a hard reset and didn't restore from the NVBackup. You would have a clean, new Centro. Then I'd go right to AIM and go from there.
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    That is what I did. I cleared my cache in firefox as well then went to Logged in with my screen name and tried to activate forwarding. I get to the screen where it says "send code" and I never receive the confirmation code on the phone.
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    does your screen name have any non alphanumeric characters? You say that when you sign on under your sister name on the PC aim client and add your phone you get the code right? but under both your names you never get the code. But on all 3 attempts it has been the same phone, right? I have sent you my aol screenname via private message, hit me on that as I have something I want to try.
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    I went to Troubleshooting and it says to go through the steps choosing the carrier, phone manufacturer, model and phone number. I wonder if you were to change it as though you have a different phone now if you'd get a new code? Idk if you'd get that conf. code or that you'd want it but I would then at some point go back and change it again with the correct information and see if they give you a another code. It can't go to someone else's phone since its still your number. They say you need to be sure you have a good signal and the phone is charged or you won't get the code. I'm surprised they didn't mention needing a cell phone or that cell phone is not included.
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