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    Does anybody still have a copy of the Avantgo 3.3 client for Palm OS lying around? Version 4 is not compatible with Pocket PC v. 3.3, so I need it to run both Avantgo clients.

    if so, can you email it to me? Please mail it to:

    I am desperate here. Thanks in advance!

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    You can download the 3.3 setup from ZDNet's Hotfiles repository here. If you perform a Google search on AvantGo 3.3, you should be able to find other sites that still carry the older Palm version.

    If you download the older installer, you will need to perform the installation routine to get the 3.3 client PRC files.
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    oh, i forgot to mention. i already tried that. it says v. 3.3, but when you download it, it's v. 4!

    i need another lead...any takers?
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    The client merely dials (for lack of a better word) into AvantGo - which makes the executive decision which version is installed. Are you sure that the PPC device doesn't have it's own conduit settings separate from those of the visor? If not, I'd contact AvantGo directly.
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    No longer at ZDNet, eh? Shoot...

    Then, download it directly from AvantGo here. That ZIP file only contains the client (Palm) components.

    And if anyone else is interested, although the reason isn't stated, AvantGo has a recommendation to use the 3.3 Palm version if you plan to use AvantGo on both Palm and CE device on the same computer.
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    thanks, project zero! that worked!

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