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    Somehow I changed something on my 755p and now Blazer takes >15 seconds to launch. It appears "hung" at a white screen and then launches. The only thing I have changed recently is registering pTunes. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Clear the blazer cache, and you'll be in good shape.

    You can do this by going to the home screen and pressing the menu button, then highlight and press "delete" which will open a list of apps to delete. highlight cache or blazer cache and delete.

    now try opening blazer.
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    CORRECTION: I meant to say to delete "blazer cookies", not the blazer cache. Try doing that and then see what happens.
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    I'll try it later today. Thanks.
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    Unfortunately this exists regularly on both the Centro and 755p. It is literally a "drag".
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    you need off flush... its a program... do a search...

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