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    I got ripped off twice this week buying programs for my Centro. First I bought a game called 3DBingo from Palmgear-they said the developer had to send me the registration code. That was 6 days ago. I've gotten nothing. Then I bought TreoLauncher from the developer's website. Again, no registration code. Every other app I've gotten generated a registration code immediately. I'm not out much, about $20 but I feel ripped off. There's no excuse for it. I am in the process of filing complaints with Palmgear. Paypal, and my CC. Buyer beware!
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    have u checked your spam folder?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalex View Post
    have u checked your spam folder?
    Yep-I check them daily. Nothing.
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    I buy most of my apps from PalmGear and never been "ripped off" yet. Although, I have not bought the two you purchased.

    Look in the conformation email from PalmGear real good. Sometimes it might say that the Reg key has to come from the developer, but it may be imbedded in the conformation email.

    Also, some developers may not be automated to automatically send the reg key when they receive the purchase conformation from a site hosting their app. In this case, you will have to wait for the developer to send you the reg key. Sometimes the holidays mess things up a bit. The developers are human too.

    Sometimes, it might be purchaser error in posting all the information. IE: Hotsync ID or device serial number (HS SN).

    Also, some apps might need a registered prc file to download and overwrite the trial version to make it registered. Check to make sure you do or don't need a downloaded registered prc file.

    Check your desktop email progy for spam filters that might be on. Sometimes, a email from the developer with your reg key might be considered spam and won't go through.

    If all else fails, send a email to the developer asking for the reg key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueWalsh623 View Post
    I got ripped off...

    Then I bought TreoLauncher from the developer's website. Again, no registration code.
    I bought TreoLauncher from Palmgear and was emailed the registration code instantly. I got 2 emails from them, one confirming the order, the other with the code and received both emails at the same time, right after I placed the order.
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    Horace the owner of Treo Launcher will not rip you off. I bought the same Launcher app twice from him, with no problems. Just sent him an e-mail.

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