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    Hey guys,

    I have a Treo 700P set up with my company's email via Goodlink. My phone was recently damaged unfortunately though but I just receive a new Treo 700P. I am trying to set up Good Link on this one with my same company email address. I'm very familiar with doing this myself...I have my Good Link PIN# and everything from before however it won't let me do it and it always says "This email address has already been set up on another hand held" This one being of course my old damaged hand held.

    Is there anyway to clear the email address from my damaged hand held so I can register it to my new one to receive company emails through Good link? I'd rather not open an IT case at work and have to go through all of that time and effort (Our IT guys are so slow) Just trying to see if there's anyway I can take care of this myself given I have all the proper info.

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    Your IT guys have to remove and then re-add you to the server.
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    Yeah that's kind of what I was afraid of
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    you'll need to refetch all your messages if you want the old ones back on the device. And also if you had your IT guys set you up to sync the deleted and sent folders they need to reset that too.

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