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    Does anyone know the code to get into the nam programing for the 755p, i have my msl but i forgot the rest of it.

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    I beleive the code is called MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) and it's unique for each particular phone. knowing that number is almost equivalent to unlocking the GSM phone. You can either get it from Sprint (requires some social engineering skills - call them and say your network connection doesn't work and keep insisting on it ,at some point they will say we need to reprovision your phone ,and they will give you a code to enter, just make sure you write it down) or you can try to extract it from phone ,using techniques for older models of treo (serial cable, software ,etc...) but I'm not sure anybody was able to do it so far....... why do you need to change your NAM anyways? traveling to a different country?
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    It's do able with the serial cable and bitpim, I built myself one of the shadowmite usb to serial cables and it works fine.

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