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    I'm still currently using my Treo 600. I just got a Centro off of eBay (will get here some time next week). I'm thinking instead of just hooking it to my computer and putting everything on it that way, I'd like to start totally clean. Including using my laptop instead of my computer. (the Palm desktop on the computer has always been flaky, complaining about missing system files, no matter how many times I tried to reinstall.)

    So if I copy over the application zips or .prc files onto my laptop, install the new Palm Desktop with the Centro, and then "install" the files onto the handheld (using the same user id on the Centro) should all the programs then work? The install keys I used years ago should still activate the programs? I guess I'll also need to export my address book, datebook, etc. from the computer to the laptop as well.

    Just wonding if I'm forgetting anything that I should know before I start this. I'll also need to check with the SplashID folks since there is a component on the computer, and a component on the Palm.

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    as long as your user id is the same it should. if it doesn't, email the program mfg to get a new key. Most should carryover though.
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    Applications that are keyed to the device id itself will require a new key. Those that are keyed to the hot sync id will normally not unless the developer charges for an upgrade for that device (Hobbyist Software may be an example).

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    Be aware that not all third-party applications will be compatible with non-volatile memory. Suggest you check each application for updates after October 2005 and compatibility lists before reinstalling.

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