I currently have the Palm Flexi Case which covers the keys of the phone but makes the keys definitely usable


I have had it for awhile, but it is getting a little worn out, and I'm looking for something else, either different, or just another variation.

I saw the SmartPhone Experts UltraSlim SkinCase listed on this site.


It seems like this is the same exact case but does not cover the keys, would that be correct? It just comes in different colors. Can anyone recommend a certain color? The case I had was somewhat clear, but made it a little whitish, just wondering if any of those make it look any better.

Or are there any other cases that someone would recommend for it? While I wait for the Treo 800wx, I thought I'd try to soup up my Treo 700wx a little bit and give it a new case.

Eventually I do want to get a clip or something else for it (I've been through many of the skinned holsters, each has worn out on me.

Any thoughts would be great,