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    I'm migrating from Entourage to Apple Mail / iCal / Address Book now that I've gotten an Intel Mac. The only thing I miss is Entourage's Notes section as a sync target for the Palm Memos app.

    I've been trying to find a good replacement -- something I can use as a note / information storage tool on the desktop that's easy and effective to use, syncs well to Memos, and is free of significant bugs and usability issues.

    Yojimbo and Soho Notes (or whatever it's being called nowadays) are two I've looked at -- but both are the target of scathing posts from their users, describing bugs and issues that I'd just as soon stay far away from.

    Apimac's Mac Notepad is exactly the sort of desktop app I want -- but it doesn't sync to Palm, and the developer has made clear that he's not planning to. Similar sort of thing seems to be true with VoodooPad.

    Any thoughts? What works for you folks?

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    If you decide to use Missing Sync (which you probably will) it comes with a simple, but nice memo solution.
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    Does anyone know if Missing Sync will sync with the notes in Leopard's Mail?
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    Not with Leopard mail Notes yet, but it does sync with Markspace Notebook fine in Leopard.
    But even the iPhone doesn't sync notes and tasks yet with Leopard!
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