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    Is it good to do a soft reset every now and then? I noitced after awhile of using my centro, it became slower, esp. when switching between applications. I soft reset the phone and it's working good as ever.

    Seeing as the phone never really turns off(so you can use the PDA features, without wireless), i'd figured it would good to reset the phone.
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    Soft resets are not normally required. I use Resco Backup nightly and have it set to clear the DB cache at the end of the backup process and then reset the device. A reset reloads everything when the device restarts, clearing the db cache does not. There are times a reset is needed due to applications not behaving.

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    It depends on how you look at it.

    Using Resco Backup (as I do too) and clearing the DBCache won't do anything about clearing the Max Chunk.

    The same for using Reset Doctor (I use this too) to clear the DBCache when it gets down to a certain level. It won't do anything about clearing the Max Chunk.

    Doing a soft reset once in a while does not hurt anything. It does clear the DB Cache and the Max Chunk all at the same time. It will also close any apps or database files that may be in hang mode.

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    I use mReset and LookatMe to automatically reset the Centro once a day at 6:00am. I have been doing this since my 650 days. Since doing this, I don't seem to have any random resets of lags. I'm not saying I would have the issues with the Centro if I didn't do this since most are saying their Centro is stable. I started this a few years ago and it seems to work for me, or makes me think it's better, so I continue to do so.
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    My wife has a Centro, I have a 700, is there a reset hole like on the 700? If not how does one reset it?
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    You have to take the battery out for a soft reset.

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