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    Can anyone play games from this site? I can download the games and unzip them with handzipper but idk what to do after that (im new to handzipper)
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    Use Versamail to unzip Zip files. It will let you install the app to your phone. You create a dratf add an attatchment, pick files on card then type: zip. find the zip file and add. save as draft. then view draft, you will see the zip file click on it, then find the PRC you want to install and press Install. it will ask if you want to accept to Applicatins say yes and you got it. some what complicated but easier than going thru PC to do it.
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    Awesome. I read this post the other day and finally used this method. Worked flawlessly.

    I got prompted that my device doesn't support .zip files.
    Download to card?
    Compose new email
    Add attachment
    Find files on card
    Type zip
    Select file
    Click on drafts
    Go to the newly created draft
    Click on the attachment at the bottom
    Select .prc file
    Accept into Applications.

    This is awesome if you are away from your PC.

    Thank you cj
    Blackberry Curve 8310
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    No problem, trying to share some of the info I have received over time.

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