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    Just so you all know if you go to you will see that you can buy; Bejeweled, Mummy Maze Seven Seas, and then get Alchemy and Atomica later this month all for 29 bucks. I just ordered my "Popcap pack", I've been meaning to buy Bejeweled now for a month and this looks like a great deal, so I litterally just ordered it and didn't even wait for my confirmation email before I thought I'd share the news.

    As for the sluggish response from Bejeweled I thought it was my prism... I suspect that maybe the new sounds require more processing (I like the sounds and scoring fixes in 1.2) but my god is it impossible to play with how slow it has become. Maybe it's in 16 bit when it should be in 8 bit? Maybe it's processing sound poorly? (I turned off all settings and still slow). 1.1 is the version to stick with for now, but the scoring really is bad in that version. I'm going to send thme a letter because 1.2 is virtually useless in that it builds more stress than it's supposed to help me vent.

    My best score in 1.1 was 6300 or so. In my first 1.2 version game I scored 15370 with the same settings (timed/no hints/etc) ! almost 3x better! Not to say I'm good because I suspect I'm not... but you can see that the scoring has definately improved.

    All this Bejeweled craze has prompted me to check out and I LOVE some of those games they make. These guys are inovative like in the 80's when programers figured out something (collision detection for example) and made games like Asteriods that take advantage of that new bit of code... not based on ANYTHING in reality but just plain clean fun for people that don't have tons of time (that is what EverQuest is for... when I have time.) :-)

    I can't wait to get Alchemy and Atomica on my Prism... wooo damn this little "laptop" of mine was originally for the purpose of helping me manage a team and it's turning into a game machine as well LOL... I'm still a kid or a nerd or both... probably both :-)

    Now if they would update Asteriods to be a 16 bit version I'd be in heaven.... or better yet give me Spy Hunter with stearing like Race Fever, and Joust.

    This handheld has enormous potential to be a good little game platform. I hope more companies make quality games (as opposed to a lot of those bad ones out there). My favorites besides those mentioned already; F1 Sprint, Brick Break (but would love a real arkanoid or "Crystal Hammer" (amiga cira '88), PacMan (Horace Ho version), Maryo Bros, Mr Mo, Scud Attack, Zap 2016, froggy, invaders (tho I wish it was black sky and colored like the original), Galax, Bubble Puzzle (This will be my next purchased game I think), Chess Genius.

    Sorry for the derailment hehe... just really impressed with the prism and games... it's a pleasant little (BIG) extra to the purchase choice I made for my psuedo-laptop.

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    I have been meaning to register Bejeweled for a while now, and this gave me a reason to do it. I have noticed some slowdown on my Prism, but not all the time. Something about that version just isn't quite right, though. I like the new time and battery indicator features.
    BTW, if anyone wants to try out "Alchemy" and Atomica", just visit I like both os these games better than "Mummy Maze" ans "Seven Seas".
    "Life is what you experience between racing games"
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    Yeah I like the clock feature too! Sometime it's become slow, sometimes it's not. I like mummy maze too!
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    I sent them a message about the speed issue and they responded really quick to the email. I won't disclose what was said, but obviously they didn't get to be one of the best (if not THE best) game companies on the Palm without putting forth a lot of effort and polish.

    I really like these guys, and I'm glad to support them.


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