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    Wife gets laid off (yeh, happy holidays) gets to keep Treo 750. It has Good and a ton of emails and contacts she wants to keep. I have a new desktop computer for her with MS Office 2007. Anyway to copy/move/sync all the Goodlink info to the desktop Outlook? I want to get the data off the phone and into Outlook, remove Good from phone and use pocket outlook. Or, anyone have a better plan? Email will be POP3. Thinking of useing Pocketmirror to sync, I used to use this with a Treo 300 and it worked great.
    Thanks for any help

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    Won't work. The information is on her Exchange server. What will probably happen is they will do a remote erase and she will lose the information entirely. The GMM databases are encrypted and won't transfer over to a desktop.

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