My company uses exchange server. I have on problem (not the dups that other people have posted about).

My problem -- when someone at corporate sends me a meeting request, accept or reject works fine.

Then when the meeting gets updated with a new time, I end up with the original and the changed meeting still on my calendar. The suggestions here say that the option is to change the synchronization to just go from Outlook to the Plam, but this means that I can't add meetings on my Plam and get them to add to Outlook.

Our IT said that the same thing used to happen with Blackberry users, and a patch from Blackberry fixed the problem -- it was with Outlook 2003.

Does Palm have a similar fix? This to me makes the Palm almost unusable because you never can tell what meeting is valid -- the original or the changed.

Does anyone else have this maddening problem?

Best I can tell, the new meeting in outlook shows the people that were invited to the updated meeting, and the original one is "orphaned" showing none of the original invitees, but it is still on your calendar.

If anyone has a suggestion to fix this -- it would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a 700P with Datebk5 and the latest software from all companies.