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    I just got a Centro and am using the latest Butler beta (4.56) and latest KeyCaps600 (v.9.1b1). Two main issues:

    1. KeyCaps600 seems to disable the Centro's built-in ability to launch favorites from anywhere.

    2. So I tried Butler's KeyLauncher (launch favorites from anywhere) except while in Phone app. When in Phone app, I press a favorites button, the screen refreshes and then the Phone screen simply comes back up.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Any fixes?
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    You are correct I have those two programs too. And butler won't launch while in the phone app. It used to but I got rid of yahm and key cap hack and went to keycaps600 and noticed that butler doesn't launch in the phone app anymore.
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    Is there any other programs that do the same thing as keycaps that works on the Centro?
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    I'm using Butler Beta 4.58 and KeyCaps 600.

    You have to enable KeyCaps first then go into Butler, KeyLauncher to enable. Also enable the KeyCaps users option on the same page--I set mine for 2 repeats.

    I am now able to use the "launch anywhere" function in TreoLauncher or Default and in the Phone app--no issues. When you hold down the key, the screen will flash, hop to a phone dialer and then go to whatever the key is set for all in a blink.

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