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    Well I had a problem with my unit going to sleep and not waking up till I removed and replaced the battery. Then all of a sudden it had a string of reboots all on it's own. I didn't have any apps loaded at the time so I got it replaced with a new one and have not had a problem since. Thank the Lord
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    After many years of using Handbase I reluctantly have to say goodbye. Starting with a hard reset and only Handbase loaded it would put my Centro into a string of reboots and could only stop them by removing the battery and doing a hard reset.

    Now I reluctantly am learning Smartlist To Go, but it seems like a nice program. I'm sure someone out there will say "Handbase works fine on my Centro - no problems", but that doesn't help me any. I did extensive testing and "for me" Handbase was crashing my Centro.

    I don't understand why Handbase worked initially for a couple weeks. Only other program installed was Handyshopper. I even tried the new version 4 of Handbase and it started the reboots just like the previous version.
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    Have you contacted HandBase and given them the error message you found earlier? It looks like a straightforward software bug in their program!
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    Yea, I'll do that. I have a paid registration. I only panicked because I do daily record keeping. Was able to get up and running with smartlist-to-go by exporting to csv then importing and making minor field edits so now the emergency is over and I can wait for Handbase to fix the bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by philosophico View Post
    I notice mine would reset after a i closed out 2 or 3 im windows in yahoo messenger.
    I can confirm that The OZ client on my centro seems to crash only when i talk to friends on yahoo as well.

    Other than that, I've had random reset problems with Propel launcher, but now that its gone everything is back to normal
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