Help!! Yesterday morning my email and other data applications that use TCP/IP data have suddenly stopped being able to access the data network/internet!

My browser (Blazer) seems to work just fine, accessing websites, etc. And a couple programs like FlightStatus, kMeteo, and SEATraffic seem to work just fine updating over the air.

However, my ChatterMail can no longer connect, Versamail doesn't work, MergicPing resovles the URL to an IP address, but receives no response from the ping command.

Even using the Network settings "log file" to ping doesn't return any response. The URL does resolve to an IP so I know there is limited data but the ping receives no response.

It seems as if a segment of internet access was blocked overnight or something? HELP please!

I am on Cingular and spent over 3 hrs yesterday on the phone with 4 different Cingular/AT&T reps with no success. Tried soft reset, hard reset, removed NetworkDB.pdb and NetworkProfiles.pdb to force default ROM settings, still no luck. I also checked my wife's phone (also a 650) and have the same results...