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    I am using Remote Desktop from one XP Pro computer to another. My hotsync cradle is connected to the computer I am remoting into (not from). When I initiate a hotsync via the button on the cable, nothing happens and the device complains, "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established". However the device did emit the positive "chirp" when the cable was attached, and the red light is on, both of which suggest that it should be connecting just fine.

    When I disconnect the Remote Desktop session and do the same thing while logged into the workstation in person, Hotsync works just fine. Then when I switch back to the Remote Desktop mode and Hotsync again, it fails the same way again.

    The same seems to be the case when trying to use USB Modem and Card Reader. Is this a known issue? I was surprised to not turn anything up on these forums or in my googling.
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    Do you have permissions to use local hardware while on remote connections?

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