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    So, where did they go?
    This morning I installed Music Manager and after only one crash post install it appears to be somewhat functional. I thought I had it figured out... I figured out how to create a PlayList in MM (not as intuitive as I would have expected), and how to connect the phone to make a transfer. I perform what appears to be a successful transfer of the playlist which consists of 3 short songs (don't have my memory card yet), at least there are no errors issued by the MM software and the files disappear 1 at a time while the transfer is processed. Done! Go back to pTunes on my phone and expect to see the songs I just transfered over... nada, nothing but the MM viewer claims that they are on the phone. Is there a trick to pTunes for locating these items? I have "All" selected for "All Content" and all I see are the two default tunes, my uploads aren't there. I also tried "Internal Memory" and poked around but no such luck. And upon reconnecting my phone to MM these items are no longer found either. Any help here? Do I have to have a memory expansion card to use this?

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    I'm not sure where the "all" is that you a referring to, but on the far left side of where the play/pause button is, there is a music symbol button. In order for me to see my own transferred music I have to tap that button.

    ETA: I transferred roughly 2 gigs of music using MM, but have not made any playlists as yet.

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