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    Hi All!

    The release of the updated Directory Assistant is just around the corner! If you'd like to send us your email address to be notified in advance of general availability, please navigate to this link and fill in the simple form:

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    Thanks Rick! Can't wait for this essential program to be back! With improvements yet!

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    Will registered users of DA be automatically notified?
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    Finally, a reason for me to have that first ever post on this forum.

    Thank you for the update to one of the most useful pieces of software that I've had the pleasure of using on my Treo's!
    Will it be worth sticking to HP Web OS? I hope so but need to see the right hardware and software.
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    Glad it's almost here.
    Just a note about your web page. You use the words "Device Type". Shouldn't that read "OS Type"?

    Not a big deal.
    Good Luck
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    Just signed up! Can't wait to check out your new DA app, Rick!
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    signed up!
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    Me too
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    The old was was excellent. I'm looking forward to the new version!
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    Count me in.
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    So, what are the chances that I will be able to download the new DA as a Christmas gift to myself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenHawk View Post
    So, what are the chances that I will be able to download the new DA as a Christmas gift to myself?
    Hopefully it'll be done by next summer. I know it's a FREE program, but I prefer to cough up $10 for something like x411 instead of waiting and waiting.
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    I really hope it gets here soon, of course I say that all of the time, and it isn't. I really wish when sites said "coming soon" they actually meant it, and not something like "coming soon" = 6 months or longer.

    If something (program, new device, what ever) is really coming soon, it should mean it. Coming soon is like saying in Jan.. Christmas is coming soon. Yeah, like in another 11 months. lol

    Oh well, we'll just keep waiting. And if it really isn't coming soon, I wish that got taken down from the site so I wouldn't have to look at it every time I clicked the site. Maybe it would be better for it to say... Coming in the Summer and I could save myself a click per day.

    With x411 being done so quickly, I can't imagine it taking DA any longer, so I have to ask myself what the hold up is. If Moxsi can get that x411 out that quick and good so far and DA cant even come out (being in the works much longer) where is the problem?
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    What's is always the problem? Money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    What's is always the problem? Money.
    In a sense, probably yes.

    My guess is that the hold up is not the actual directory assistant part of the program but the revenue generating part he has hinted at a few times.
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    If you navigate to, you can now register and set up your Telepages account - but you can't dl the program yet.
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    Something must be coming real soon...
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